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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ahead of the Curve

I just had that feeling about this young Asian woman when I first noticed her enter the cafe. Somehow I just knew that she was going to take off her sandals once she sat down in her chair, so I sat back and waited for her to finally settle down at a table with her friends. She wore a black and white striped shirt and typical Asian college girl glasses. It doesn't take her long at all as she slips out of those sandals instantly and begins to slowly push up and down on her toes. The table behind her was occupied at the time, so I had to settle for a table that was to the side of her. This angle really highlights this young woman's high arches as she bends and rocks them all around on top of her empty sandals. She pushes up on her toe tips and balances them on the back of her sandals. She slips back into her sandals, only to shake them right back off for more toe curling and arch flexing. She crosses her feet at the ankles and picks her sandal up with her toes. She grips at the sandal tightly, moving and sliding it across the floor. She points her toes and rotates her foot in a circle. We zoom in for an incredible close-up look at her soft curvy arches as she gently rocks back and forth on the balls of her feet. We glide up and down the surface of her feet, from the heel to the toe as she gives us a very solid and sensual look at her pretty bare feet. We travel up to her face as she looks around the cafe and chats with her friends. This is a very calm and easy clip to just sit back and soak in. If you love to watch girl's with pretty arches slowly push up and down on their toes and play with their sandals, then this clip will satisfy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wiggles Galore

I remember thinking that I was hallucinating when I found this middle age Asian woman going absolutely INSANE with her bare feet under her desk. She sat quietly with her husband, reading magazines and browsing the net. This woman, without a doubt, has some of the most active feet that I have ever filmed. If you are a true fan of foot on foot rubbing and extreme wiggling, then this clip is the explosion that you have been waiting for. As soon as I noticed just how active her feet really were, I made the quick decision to sit at the same desk with her for the optimum shot. At first she was sitting alone and it was obvious that she was waiting for her husband to return, due to the second laptop and coffee cup on the table. She gave me a quick smile to let me know I could share the table with her. I figured that her husband would be returning pretty soon so I quickly flipped on the camera and pressed record. She had already slipped out of her sandals with her bare feet stretched out in front of her and crossed at the ankles. Every move that she makes is extreme and over the top. Her toes curl and spread far apart as she swipes her feet together repeatedly. We zoom in on the cornucopia of wiggling toes as they rub and tangle together. She likes to scrape and dig her big toe into the pinky toe on the other foot. She digs it in hard, snapping it out quickly before wedging it back between her toes. She randomly explodes into flurries of stomach dropping foot on foot rubbing, swiping her toes under the ball off her foot then bringing it back around to the side, over and over again. Her toes are like a paint brush as we zoom in on the up-rub, filling the screen with her toes dragging over the other foot. She points her toes down hard, stretching her legs far out in front of her. She curls and wiggles her toes deliciously, flexing her feet up and down as her toes point and then spread with every flex. She slides one foot up her leg and steps down on top of the other foot. We zoom in on her red painted toe-nails and beautiful olive colored skin. Suddenly her husband shows back up to re-claim his seat and slurp at his fresh cup of coffee. Luckily for me, he was far too concentrated on his coffee and laptop to really notice that I was filming his wife's feet. His return causes her to slip back into her sandals, where she crosses her feet into the "Position" under her chair. Her sandals quickly fall from her feet. She slowly pushes up and down on her toes before quickly slipping back into her sandals and sliding her legs back out in front of her. She loses the sandals at a lightning speed. It's almost comical at just how determined this woman is to remain barefoot, she simply is not going to keep her shoes on. She hits us with another highly aggressive dose of wiggling and rubbing as I capture every mind blowing motion as solid as humanly possible. She has very animated feet that are naturally active and will not stop searching for things to get into. Part one of this series is simply a must have and can't be missed.